• The Ivey is a not-for-profit adult day care center where members enjoy friendship, recreation and the healthcare assistance they need to remain as comfortably independent as possible.

Gift Enables The Ivey to Buy Vacant Lot on Park South Drive!

The Ivey memory care day center has fulfilled the founder’s and staff’s long-held dream to purchase a small but well-known parcel of land, about 3/4 of an acre, next to the day center on Park South Drive. The land will be used to build two licensed family care homes with 6 beds each, for adults with memory loss.             (Click to read more)

The Ivey’s Memory Wellness Day Center

  • Onsite Rehabilitation Services – in partnership with Genesis Rehab Services, our full-time, onsite physical, occupational, and speech therapists provide physician-prescribed therapies, education, exercise, and behavioral change programs for members and their families
  • Comprehensive Health Screenings – our professionally licensed team of RNs, therapists, and activity professionals conduct comprehensive health screenings, including memory, hearing, and gait.  By partnering with the member’s physicians, we become a team of support for the family.
  • Health Monitoring – throughout each day, our team monitors vital signs, administers medicines, and assists with physician communication.  Diagnosed health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, weight maintenance, and others are monitored and addressed
  • Life Enhancement – Creative engagement activities and social interaction strengthen the connections in the brain that allow access to memory.

The Ivey is THE daytime solution for families coping with the challenges of caregiving for loved ones living with Alzheimer’s and other types of memory loss, such as stroke-related dementia, Parkinson’s, frailty or social isolation.  Our approach includes stimulation, physical activity, social interaction and healthy eating.

Your loved one can experience a change of scenery and make new friends in our special, attentive environment and return to the comfort of home at night!

The Ivey’s staff embraces each member, supports and cares for each family, and is relentless in its pursuit of learning all that can be learned about the latest in non-pharmacological approaches to treatment for dementia. Compassionate and comprehensive care is provided in a beautiful, secure, lodge-style setting offering social and health services to loved ones, as well as the respite which caregivers need to stay refreshed and resume day-to-day activities.

Peace of Mind is PRICELESS!

Our customized, comprehensive memory wellness programs supports those living with memory loss due to mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, stroke, or other causes of dementia.

The Ivey is open 10 hours daily, from 7:30am to 5:30pm. 

  • Flexible schedule:  Choose two to five days per week
  • Affordable daily rate:  One full day is comparable to the cost of 5 hours of in-home care
  • The Ivey difference:  During the day in our beautiful environment, we keep individuals experiencing laughter, social connectedness, and physical activity.  Our nursing team monitors vital signs, administers medicines, and partners with the family in the assessment of health changes.  Our high engagement model of care offers full time, onsite professional licensed services in physical, occupational, and speech therapies for improved and sustained physical and mental functioning.  When the time comes for a change in living arrangements, we assist the family in identifying the best place for them and help coordinate the transition.

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Hours:  Monday–Friday  7:30 am – 5:30 pm     Phone: 704-909-2070

  • For More Information

    Please call The Ivey at (704) 909-2070 to schedule a tour today!