Our Story

The Ivey | Lynn Ivey

CEO and Founder, Lynn Ivey, developed The Ivey as a tribute to her mother who had Alzheimer’s disease, and her father who was her loving caregiver.   Aging in place in her home of 46 years was her mother’s heartfelt desire and choosing adult day care as the preferred solution for her socialization and care made it possible.

A Positive Approach

The “Experiential model” column on the following chart from Dr. G. Allen Power’s book, Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care goes hand-in-hand with our positive approach to dementia care. We place a premium on the individual, their current capabilities, their potential, their independence, their connection to the people and world around them, and the unique and powerful roles of their family members and other care partners. It is truly a “glass is half full” approach.


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Philosophy of Positive Change

The Ivey changes lives through safe care in a unique environment resulting in worry-free and guilt-free time for working and retired caregivers.

Life is changed for family caregivers through ongoing communication from expert staff members who demonstrate a compassionate affinity for older adults and hold credentials in the medical, therapeutic and recreational fields.

Life is changed for the community through The Ivey’s many offerings of educational programs, participation in community caregiver events and referrals to helpful professionals that guide families through the aging journey.

You may have personally experienced, or know someone who has experienced, the impact of Alzheimer’s and other types of memory loss and related chronic illnesses. Adult day care services provide relief and hope to those families.