Activities & Services

Activities at The Ivey stimulate our members’ minds, bodies and spirits to complete their sense of well-being.  The Ivey is filled with laughter, conversation, music, activities, affection, and acceptance.

Each member is encouraged to participate in group activities including exercise, entertainment, crafts, music, art and games.  Members are also free to make a choice to spend quiet time reading or visiting with other members.

Always In Good Hands

Our team of trained and compassionate staff is devoted to the health, safety, nutrition, activities and comfort of our members.  As part of a special certification by North Carolina, each staff member is specifically trained to provide memory care for Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

All staff, without exception, have been selected, trained, and evaluated by The Ivey.

What makes The Ivey different & why does it matter?

We believe that behind every person with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or other dementia, there is a family. The premise behind The Ivey is that memory loss impacts the entire family in ways unlike any other disease.   Informed by her personal experience caring for her parents, founder Lynn Ivey intentionally created a beautiful, inviting homelike environment, high engagement program, happy professional care team, and resources that support the whole family.

Every attention to detail was, and still is, informed by her personal caregiving journey and research around the non-pharmacological approach of Dr. John Zeisel, noted expert on Alzheimer’s, founder of Hearthstone Alzheimer’s Care, and author of I’m Still Here.  In his ground-breaking book, Dr. Zeisel shows that people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias are highly creative, emotionally intelligent, and can still live a joyful, purposeful life.

When diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, many people lose hope that a joyful purposeful life is still possible for them or their loved one.  The Ivey restores hope by embracing a philosophy of environmental and behavioral approaches to memory wellness that help create and retrieve memories and gain independence through an active, engaged mind and body. Plus, when it comes to Charlotte care for memory loss, The Ivey is significantly more affordable than homecare or other Charlotte health care options.