Our Services

We create a lively social community for your loved one’s participation while also addressing any healthcare needs.  Specifically, The Ivey is a place with programs of care and community for those living with Alzheimer’s and other types of memory loss, such as stroke and age-related dementias, Parkinson’s, frailty, and social isolation.

The Ivey’s holistic approach to programs & services enables older adults to live more independently, freeing family caregivers to resume normal day-to-day activities.  Many older adults enter nursing homes prematurely because of caregiver exhaustion. Adult day care programs provide a preferred plan of care designed to allow loved ones to remain in their homes for as long as possible and allow caregivers the opportunity to resume normal day-to-day activities.


Licensed, Professional Care

Onsite Rehabilitation Services

In partnership with Genesis Rehab Services, The Ivey’s full-time onsite physical, occupational, and speech therapists provide physician-prescribed therapies as well as ongoing educational, evidence-based exercise and behavioral change programs for both patients and their families. Genesis Rehab Services is a national company specializing in therapies for older adults.   Tailored to meet the needs of each member, each rehab therapy is incorporated into The Ivey’s individualized care plans.

  • Physical therapy: helps regain independence by improving balance, muscle strength and mobility
  • Occupational therapy: focuses on adapting the environment, modifying the task, teaching the skill, and educating the member and family, promoting participation in and performance of activities of daily living
  • Speech therapy: plays primary role in screening, assessment and treatment of communication challenges.

The Compass Program, a Genesis Rehab Services signature service, educates the care team – including the family – by providing strategies to preserve cognitive functioning for as long as possible. Therapies have much to offer at all stages to maximize function, manage day-to-day activities, reduce caregiver stress and improve quality of life for all.

Comprehensive Health Screenings

Our professionally licensed team of therapists, nurses, and activity professionals conduct a series of comprehensive health screenings, including memory, hearing, and gait, that form a baseline from which to measure future changes in health and cognition.  Individualized care plans are then created by our team to help prolong and preserve memory and promote independence.  Families are invited to participate in the development and assessment of each care plan.

Health Monitoring

Throughout each day, our nursing team monitors vital signs, administers medicines, and partners with the family in the assessment of health changes and physician communication.  Each month, a health education topic is chosen for discussion to help keep our members alert and in tune with their own health and wellbeing.  Diagnosed health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, weight maintenance, and others are monitored by diet and appropriate exercise.  Our onsite Executive Chef prepares breakfast, lunch, and snacks fresh daily.  Special dietary needs are accommodated and all menu items are approved by a registered dietician.


Creative Engagement

Creativity is a powerful stimulant for the brain. Through powerful programs like Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Recreational Therapy, we engage members in storytelling exercises, dramatic poetry readings, artistic experiences, music and dynamic entertainment to keep their minds stimulated – and creating new memories. (The Ivey is also excited to announce our new iPod Music Pilot Program! We are currently accepting donations of used iPods to help us launch this special program that will leverage the proven power of music to enhance cognitive function and memory. If you or anyone you know has one or more iPods that are not being used, we would be grateful to receive them as a donation to help make this program a success. Please contact The Ivey’s 2016 Recreation Therapy intern, Jasmine McCain, at or 704-909-2070 to donate your iPods.)

Mental Activities

We encourage members to use their brains in many different ways. We have a book club, play card games, and help our members through a number of brain fitness and memory reach programs, each designed to strengthen the connections in the brain that allow access to memory.

Social Circles

Fostering socialization (or social connectedness) through peer interaction is a key aspect to memory wellness. To that end, a number of different activities are planned each day. From special themed days to holiday decorating, there’s something for members to look forward to year-round. Games, puzzles, familiar books and movies are available for individual and group engagement. Our seated, restaurant-style meal service provides a great opportunity for conversation and friendship-making.

Physical Exercise

Healthy body, healthy mind. We employ various activities and exercises to get the blood flowing. Our exercise programs include yoga, Tai Chi, dance, and chair aerobics. We also use games like corn hole and the Wii to get our members moving, laughing, and having fun.


The People

We are passionate about what we do.  Our staff embraces each member, supports and cares for each family, and is relentless in its pursuit of learning all that can be known about the latest in brain health and non-pharmacological approaches to treatment of dementia.  Licensed and credentialed, our staff is constantly engaged in continuing education programs to ensure their knowledge and methods are current and informed by the latest research.  Most importantly, we have a special affinity for older adults, and our low member-to-staff ratio allows us to create personal connections. We are happy to do what we do, and our smiling faces greet members every morning.

Safe and Secure

The Ivey’s building is controlled-access with thoroughly planned and practiced emergency management. Our software is fully HIPAA-compliant, and we take our members’ safety and privacy very seriously.

The Campus

Nestled away from the road, The Ivey welcomes visitors and members with a covered carriage entrance clad in cedar shake and stone, with gas lanterns lighting the way. The mountain lodge setting features tree-filled walkable grounds, a putting patio and a covered rocking-chair porch.

Inside, the ambience is carefully planned and created with our goals and the wellbeing of our members in mind. The colors and textures stimulate the senses. The art evokes wonder, whimsy and strengthens memory. Three gas-working stone fireplaces provide members a place to relax.


Behind every member, there’s a family.

We strive to help each of our members improve and maintain their memory wellness, never forgetting that behind every member is a family of caregivers. We educate and support them, because we’re all a team.

Support Groups

Whether it’s younger-onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or some other mind-affecting condition, we recognize that memory and ability can begin to fade at any time. Our goal is to connect people to others in similar situations, help families and caregivers understand what is happening, what to expect, and how The Ivey and others can help them navigate a difficult journey in their lives.

Advocacy and Consultation

The Ivey is part of a team of caregivers for every member. We work to ensure that the whole team is working together toward a common goal. That includes crisis intervention, care plan meetings and coordination, and being an effective liaison/advocate? with the family and the physician.

Options and Assistance

It’s challenging for a family member or spouse to navigate the transition to being a care coordinator. We help caregivers with all facets of geriatric care management, from in-home care to out-of-home long-term care. When the time comes for a change in living arrangements, we assist the family in identifying the best place for them and help coordinate the transition.


The more people know and understand about what their loved one is going through, the better they can care and cope. The Ivey has a team of knowledgeable staff and a resource library full of information and complimentary books to read at home.  Monthly, we host a series of health lectures, led by well-respected industry professionals, that are open to all member families and to the public.