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23rd of March 2017 07:47 PM Link
In functional medicine, Alzheimer’s disease is often referred to as type 3 diabetes because studies show that glucose intolerance leads to an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Elevations in blood sugar levels may negatively affect memory and brain function, even in non-diabetic patients.
17th of March 2017 04:07 PM Link
We don't need luck to make it through these great days at The Ivey, but we'll celebrate anyway! 🍀
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17th of March 2017 01:11 AM Link
In this week's blog post, Lynn Ivey asks if we can find insightful similarities between the season's fluctuating weather and the adventure of families caring for loved ones living with dementia.
15th of March 2017 03:06 PM Link
Your morning cup of joe may have effects that reach beyond getting you alert and ready for the day.
15th of March 2017 02:08 PM Link
Our members LOVED the special performance by the Irish Step Dancers who visited us yesterday!
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11th of March 2017 02:00 AM Link
Research finds distinctive language deficits in people with mild cognitive impairment, a precursor to dementia.
10th of March 2017 02:03 AM Link
Tonight we celebrated our growing family of volunteers. We love them all and are grateful for everything they do for our members, families and staff!
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5th of March 2017 01:40 PM Link
Lynn's latest blog post shines a light on just how awesome The Ivey team is -- and how much we all need a team to count on in our life!
3rd of March 2017 12:14 AM Link
Using data from 2,457 people, average age 72, who were part of a study, researchers found that those with a "new habit" of excessive slumber were at a greater risk of all forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s.
1st of March 2017 03:11 AM Link
David Cassidy, who watched his grandfather and mother battle dementia, is now living with the disease.
27th of February 2017 06:59 PM Link
A huge thank you to all of our volunteers today! Thanks for being such an amazing part of our growing family. A big attendance day at The Ivey = the need for big time energy, creativity and heart. This team delivers, every time!
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25th of February 2017 04:12 AM Link
Friday Funday at The Ivey! (Have we mentioned how much we love our care staff?)
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22nd of February 2017 09:28 PM Link
Caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s is hard, no matter who you are. Here's one young woman's story.
20th of February 2017 03:50 PM Link
Happy Monday! Too soon to be thinking about taking a break? Not at all, according to Lynn's latest blog post.
16th of February 2017 01:45 AM Link
Good News! The story about The Ivey's favorite resident crooner, John Leon Lewis, will be re-broadcast this Thursday night at 8:00pm on UNC-TV's "NC Now" show. Check it out or DVR it!
14th of February 2017 04:12 PM Link
We are speechless and so we will allow our sweet Betty's note speak for itself...
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14th of February 2017 02:54 PM Link
Happy Valentine's Day from our Care Staff at The Ivey! We will be showering our members with love today (just like we do every day)!
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13th of February 2017 05:30 PM Link
Lynn Ivey's first blog post since the holidays is at once personal, moving, and reflective of the love that exists here at The Ivey.
11th of February 2017 06:23 PM Link
The Ivey's very own "Golden Girls" -- Claire, Nancy and Joan. Don't you just love 'em? We do!
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8th of February 2017 01:58 AM Link
The Ivey's amazing Art Therapist, Lela Kometiani, used molding paste today to put layers and texture on canvas. Then she had our members paint on top of it. It was really beautiful and such a cool process. This unique approach also helped our members with vision impairment by giving the canvas more definition.
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