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23rd of May 2017 08:30 PM Link
In this week's blog post, Lynn remembers her dynamic mentor and explains the vital role she played in bringing The Ivey to life.
23rd of May 2017 02:43 AM Link
Singing and dancing at The Ivey with John Leon Lewis!
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17th of May 2017 05:30 PM Link
The strategies featured in this CBS News article are things that The Ivey continues to champion with our members, their families and the entire Charlotte community.
15th of May 2017 04:16 PM Link
Happy Birthday, Steve! Here's the Birthday Boy himself with our new Life Enrichment Coordinator, Nicci!
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12th of May 2017 05:11 PM Link
An enlightening article about the impact of Alzheimer's on family caregivers. Our very own Janet LeClair, COO of The Ivey, is quoted.
11th of May 2017 02:28 PM Link
Lynn Ivey decided to mark The Ivey's celebratory touchstone of a decade, in part, by commissioning our first-ever Annual Report. Now you can read it -- and we want your feedback!
10th of May 2017 01:11 AM Link
The twins were back on the scene at The Ivey today!
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1st of May 2017 05:08 PM Link
Are you caring for a loved one living with memory loss? Please join us for this workshop designed to help you understand more about the disease process, how to care for yourself, and offer resources to guide you in your role as a caregiver. Thursday, May 11 (9:30am – 2:15pm) at Myers Park Baptist Church.
28th of April 2017 06:55 PM Link
One of the many benefits of your loved one spending his or her days with us at The Ivey is that our care team closely monitors their health and safety. When changes are noticed, we can catch them early and provide guidance and resources to stay ahead of them. Changes in a member's vision is no exception.
26th of April 2017 07:58 PM Link
One of our very own spirited members, Marinell, teaching exercises to her fellow members this morning!
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22nd of April 2017 03:19 PM Link
The Ivey is proud to offer a range of therapies on-site -- including occupational therapy -- as a part of our robust Mind & Body Wellness Program. Our members and their families alike benefit from the power and convenience of these daytime services.
22nd of April 2017 02:49 PM Link
This weekend, Lynn Ivey invites us to practice choosing to see the true essence of those around us...and ourselves.
19th of April 2017 03:03 PM Link
Our main man, John Leon Lewis, is back at The Ivey! And our members couldn't be more thrilled!
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18th of April 2017 08:08 PM Link
A big welcome to Brenda, our new Healthcare Coordinator at The Ivey! She and Lisa make an amazing nursing team.
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17th of April 2017 03:23 PM Link
How cute are our members Heidi and Marion?!
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12th of April 2017 09:18 PM Link
Care Team member, Jen Olin, nuzzles up to our visiting pet therapy dog, Brady!
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12th of April 2017 03:30 PM Link
An informative article about the costs of dementia care, and the value of a daytime haven like The Ivey for so many families. "Don’t pay for more — or less — care than you actually need. Is around-the-clock care in assisted living absolutely necessary, or could you invest for the hours your loved one needs the most help? Maybe you just need coverage while you’re at work. If so, adult day care is a highly affordable option...and provides the added value of social engagement for your parent."
6th of April 2017 08:28 PM Link
Our Recreational Therapist, Paige Swientisky, being serenaded by one of our members, Steve. Paige’s last day is tomorrow, and we will miss her!
6th of April 2017 05:12 PM Link
Eddy’s working hard in The Ivey's on-site hair and nail salon today!
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5th of April 2017 03:26 PM Link
There are lots of insights and recommendations in this meaty article that align perfectly with The Ivey's unique approach to dementia care. Check it out: