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20th of February 2017 03:50 PM Link
Happy Monday! Too soon to be thinking about taking a break? Not at all, according to Lynn's latest blog post.
16th of February 2017 01:45 AM Link
Good News! The story about The Ivey's favorite resident crooner, John Leon Lewis, will be re-broadcast this Thursday night at 8:00pm on UNC-TV's "NC Now" show. Check it out or DVR it!
14th of February 2017 04:12 PM Link
We are speechless and so we will allow our sweet Betty's note speak for itself...
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14th of February 2017 02:54 PM Link
Happy Valentine's Day from our Care Staff at The Ivey! We will be showering our members with love today (just like we do every day)!
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13th of February 2017 05:30 PM Link
Lynn Ivey's first blog post since the holidays is at once personal, moving, and reflective of the love that exists here at The Ivey.
11th of February 2017 06:23 PM Link
The Ivey's very own "Golden Girls" -- Claire, Nancy and Joan. Don't you just love 'em? We do!
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8th of February 2017 01:58 AM Link
The Ivey's amazing Art Therapist, Lela Kometiani, used molding paste today to put layers and texture on canvas. Then she had our members paint on top of it. It was really beautiful and such a cool process. This unique approach also helped our members with vision impairment by giving the canvas more definition.
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7th of February 2017 02:39 AM Link
A beautiful Pet Therapy moment between Blanche and Brady!
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30th of January 2017 03:57 PM Link
If you saw this PBS special last week -- exploring how Alzheimer’s is one of the most critical public health crises facing America -- let us know what you thought.
28th of January 2017 07:54 PM Link
Root vegetables are especially wonderful to eat during these colder months. In fact, nothing says delicious winter food more than beets, carrots, parsnips and turnips. But guess what? They also do a lot for your health -- such as reducing your cancer risk, boosting your folate intake, helping you absorb more iron, increasing your exercise stamina, and providing lots of good-for-you beta-carotene. Those are just a few of the reasons why we'll be serving some up next Tuesday!
25th of January 2017 01:49 AM Link
We are so grateful to The Goldberg Family for their donation of "Boots the Cat." Our members love Boots. She is the kind of tool that can reach individuals living with Alzheimer's in effective, meaningful ways. Boots provides happiness and comfort; calm during times of upset; a focal point for interaction with loved ones; nurturing feelings of caring for another; and warm reminders of a beloved pet they may have once had.
24th of January 2017 07:21 PM Link
Hanging with our favorite singer, John Leon Lewis!
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13th of January 2017 11:20 PM Link
12th of January 2017 06:11 PM Link
9th of January 2017 08:44 PM
We love our executive chef, Mark Zink! And so, due to its popularity, we are "going public" with this recent intro to our weekly menu dispatch (originally sent out to our member families on December 24th):

'Twas the night before Christmas, when on Park South Drive,
Chef Mark was stirring in a handful of chives.
Working hard to create next week's lineup of lunches
That our members will eat up and then declare, "How scrumptious!"

So while your loved ones are nestled all snug in their beds,
With visions of deliciousness dancing in their heads,
We owe it all to a certain someone working in SouthPark...
The one, the only, Jolly Old Chef Mark!
5th of January 2017 11:44 AM Link
If we haven't said it yet: Happy New Year from all of us at The Ivey!
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28th of December 2016 02:52 AM Link
At The Ivey, we often see the past come alive in magical ways. Here's a photo of one of our amazing members, Heidi, when she worked for General William S. Biddle in Regensburg, Germany, right after World War II ended (May 1945). Check out that nail polish, even in such frugal times! Well, some things never change -- as evidenced by this present-day photo of Heidi "working the phones" at The Ivey's reception desk. Besides not missing a beat with her old gig, note that she is also boasting fine pink fingernails! #foreveryoung
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28th of December 2016 02:25 AM Link
How excited are we that our beloved John Leon Lewis will be entertaining our members three times per week, every week, starting in January?! Wow, 2017 can't start soon enough!
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24th of December 2016 12:58 PM Link
Here's a new heartwarming story about The Ivey, courtesy of The Charlotte Observer, and just in time for Christmas!
23rd of December 2016 03:55 PM Link
A special holiday message for you from our fearless leader, Lynn Ivey...