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Top Alzheimer’s researcher explains how you can help protect your brain

Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., director of the Alzheimer’s Genome Project and a leading researcher in the field at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, summarizes some of the things people can do right now to help protect their brain from … Read More.


The importance of eye care for people with dementia is highlighted

Research led by the College of Optometrists finds that people with dementia are more likely to require vision correction than their counterparts by Emily McCormick The prevalence of visual impairment is higher among people with dementia from compared to the … Read More.


Home-Based Occupational Therapy May Benefit Dementia Patients

by Traci Pedersen Home-based occupational therapy may help reduce behavioral problems in dementia patients, resulting in a decrease in the amount of informal care needed and easing the burdens of caregivers, according to a new French study published in the … Read More.


The True Cost of End-of-Life Care

by Michelle Seitzer My father’s Alzheimer’s is getting worse, and I know I will eventually have to take over his care. I want to be prepared financially. What should I expect in terms of cost? When caring for someone with … Read More.


Untangling Alzheimer’s

Breakthroughs in understanding dementia are leading to new healthcare approaches. Nutrition, lifestyle, and sleep may be the keys to prevention. by Michael Dregni Some days, Greg O’Brien doesn’t recognize his wife. Other days, he mistakes his family or his friends. … Read More.