For Professionals

For Professionals

The Ivey Memory Wellness Day Center provides daily living support for the health, nutritional, social and overall memory care needs of those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, Parkinson’s, stroke, frailty and social isolation.

Adult daycare makes it possible for families to stay together longer and delay entrance to long-term care facilities, although residents of retirement communities often supplement their care plan with adult daycare.  Additionally, connections and relationships significantly reduce loneliness and isolation that can come with one-on-one care and day care offers a great solution to either replace or use in conjunction with home care.

The Ivey offers respite support to the family caregiver, enabling them to remain in the workforce, continue daily care for their family and maintain their own personal health and well-being. Plus, most families discover that when it comes to Charlotte care for memory loss, The Ivey is significantly more affordable than homecare or other Charlotte health care options.

If you are a professional in the medical, aging, social service/mental health fields or you know caregivers through business, faith or social connections, please let us know how we can help.

For hospitals and physician/health facilities, pharmacies, referral/case management agencies, businesses and places of worship, we are here to help.

For employers who wish to reap the benefits of a rested and more productive employee, consider utilizing us for a Lunch & Learn session or adding us to your EAP program.

These are just a few things we offer:

  • Facility tour
  • Monthly Educational Workshops
  • Reference library
  • Complimentary trial visit
  • Brochures for display at your site
  • Bi-monthly Support Group for Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s
  • Speaker’s bureau
  • Lunch & Learn presentations

For more information, call 704-909-2070 or contact