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The Ivey provides a high quality member experience based on 5 foundational brain healthy interventions. Research continues to support that these 5 concepts, if  consistently applied together, have the potential to deter the  progression of dementia. All 5 interventions can be achieved by our members at The Ivey.


  1. MOVE - Exercise your body inreasing blood flow to stimulate brain cell growth
  2. NOURISH - Eating a healthy diet boosts memory, improves mental clarity & focus
  3. CONNECT -  Nurture your friendships to stimulate mental engagement
  4. DISCOVER - Learn new things to create new pathways in the brain
  5. BREATHE - Mindfulness, exhale, sleep better to refresh & rejuvenate the brain 

If someone in your life has mild-to-moderate memory loss, you need help. The Ivey is a memory wellness day center and your “best of both worlds” solution, allowing your loved one to reap the benefits of our unrivaled care team during the day and return to the comforts of home at night. And with our outstanding caregiver support program, we’ll help you reclaim your life and walk beside you every step of the way.

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Behind every person with memory loss there’s a family of caregivers.