Support For Your Journey as a Family Caregiver

You Don't Have to Walk Through This Alone.

Get the help and direction you and your loved one deserve.

Start Sooner.  Remember Longer.

We all have times when we forget where we put our keys. But memory loss can take many different forms—from mild memory lapses to longer-term memory loss. 

Not all memory loss is normal. When memory loss is linked to specific causes and believed to be progressive, you need support at the earliest stages.  

No one should be expected to navigate or manage it alone.

  • onsite respite members experience vitality and a higher quality of life
  • families experience hope and relief

Dementia affects both the individual with memory loss and their caregiver(s).  Sadly, many people wait until it is too late to start memory loss enrichment.  But those who start soon remember longer and can live more meaningful lives, even with mild to moderate memory loss.

The Ivey supports caregivers by providing:

  • engaging cognitive therapies for your loved one
  • complete caregiver management throughout your dementia journey 
  • support group for caregiver success

The Ivey's engaging and research-based programs provide social and cognitive engagement shown to optimize brain health and the lives of those living with memory challenges.  This vital engagement is hard to replicate by yourself or with in-home care services. 




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