Research-Based Solutions

for MCI and Early Stage Dementia Patients

Don't Settle for Symptom Management.

You can provide outstanding patient care at every stage of memory loss.

When They Start Sooner, They Remember Longer.

The Ivey's programs help healthcare professionals provide outstanding care at every stage of memory loss, including MCI.  The patients we serve consistently experience renewed hope, confidence and vital engagement in their daily lives.  

Our research-based brain health and memory wellness programs:

  • are designed to mitigate the progression of dementia, optimize cognition and improve your patients' quality of life
  • are comparable in price to in-home services and our social & cognitive engagement is not typically available with in-home care
  • can be tailored to the specific needs, lifestyle and stage of memory loss for each patient

Our team works as an extension of yours, handling the day-to-day needs of your patients and keeping you informed as necessary of changes in their behavior or condition.

It's Easy to Partner with The Ivey

1. Meet The Ivey

Our team will gladly offer your team a lunch & learn session. 

2. Refer Your Patient

We schedule a free consultation to assess your patient's needs and develop a personalized wellness plan.

3.  Stay Abreast

When your patient becomes a member, we'll keep you informed of their progress.

We look forward to hearing from you.  You may reach Vikki Hunley at 704-909-2070 or email here