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The Case for "Creative Aging" Programs

If you could take a blood test to detect dementia well before physical symptoms presented themselves, would you? For some, it might depend on whether or not such knowledge could enable the introduction of a successful therapeutic remedy or cure that would cut the disease off at the pass. Unfortunately, as reported in a recent Wall Street Journal story, the search for pharmacological breakthroughs in the Alzheimer's and dementia field is thus far coming up short. On the other hand, arts and culture-based therapies -- such as The Ivey's "Meet Me at MoMA" offering and other such Life Enrichment programming that we have spent a decade building and championing -- are showing measurable benefits for individuals living with dementia. You can read all about it in the following three articles:

Moving Closer to a Blood Test for Dementia

Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca scrap trials of experimental Alzheimer’s drug

The Wellness Movement That’s Empowering Older Adults to Become Artists