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As Charlotte’s only memory wellness day center, we provide second-to-none daytime care for your loved one in our stimulating, social environment. Each day at The Ivey is intentionally designed with the preferences, interests and needs of each member in mind.

The schedule is predictable to help with memory retention, but content varies to keep it interesting and stimulating. Everyday living activities are incorporated throughout the day to feel like home.

We foster an atmosphere of fun and socialization because it:

  • Keeps the mind engaged to feel connected
  • Dodges depression that results from loneliness
  • Reduces daytime sleeping that comes from boredom

We serve delicious, balanced meals because they:

  • Help maintain good health
  • Fuel the body and feed the mind
  • Provide social engagement at mealtime

We provide daily RN health monitoring because it:

  • Reduces emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions
  • Detects medical problems earlier
  • Fosters communication with physicians

We provide on-site therapies because they:

  • Maintain or improve daily functioning
  • Preserve and promote independence
  • Make it convenient for the whole family

We offer door-to-door transportation to make your life easier.