You are not alone!  Turn to The Ivey NOW!

The tangible benefits of our five key programs to you and your loved one are vast:

We foster an atmosphere of fun and socialization because it:

  • Keeps the mind engaged to feel connected
  • Dodges depression that results from loneliness
  • Reduces daytime sleeping that comes from boredom

We provide daily RN health monitoring because it:

  • Reduces emergency room visits and hospital readmissions
  • Detects disease problems earlier
  • Fosters communication with physicians

We provide on-site therapies because they:

  • Maintain or improve daily functioning
  • Preserve and promote independence
  • Make it convenient for the whole family

We serve delicious, balanced meals because they:

  • Help maintain good health
  • Fuel the body and feed the mind
  • Provide social engagement at mealtime